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Become a Hypnotherapist

Take Control of Your Future, Start a Rewarding New Career Today!

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Unlock a World of Possibilities with the Art of Hypnosis

At the Portland Hypnosis Institute, you'll gain the skills and experience you need to start your own professional practice as a hypnotherapist.


Attend our dynamic in-person training, or study at your own pace online. Discover how easy and enjoyable it can be to change your life and the lives of others! Call (503) 621-8082 for more information. Ask about our flexible payments plans and register for our hypnosis training today.

  • Turn your passion for helping others into a fulfilling new career.

  • Gain the necessary skills to launch your own private practice.

  • Earn an excellent income working flexible part time hours.

  • Enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of being your own boss.


Guide Change, Inspire Growth: Your Path Begins Here.

Our in-depth hypnosis trainings provide the skills you need to become an effective professional in this rapidly growing industry. Our expert curriculum will teach you:

  • The art and science of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP.

  • Innovative techniques to harness the power of the subconscious mind.

  • How to conduct effective sessions for weight loss, smoking cessation, stress relief and more.

  • Powerful methods to help clients release fears, overcome obstacles & achieve their goals

From Learning to Earning: Foundations for Success

At the Portland Hypnosis Institute, you'll not only gain the necessary skills to conduct effective hypnosis sessions, you'll also glean knowledge in how to build and develop your new hypnotherapy business. For more information, call or text us at (503) 621-8082Enroll today, learn:

  • How to launch your professional practice.

  • Tools for building a website for your new business

  • How to gain physician referrals and market your services.

  • How to record and produce self-hypnosis audios.

  • The step-by-step licensing process for local, state & federal agencies.

  • Marketing methods and business building strategies

Online Class

Self-Paced Online Learning

Enjoy our comprehensive hypnotherapy training from the comfort of your home. Study at your own pace when your schedule allows. Our in-depth online  program includes all course materials and helpful live Zoom classes to support your progress and strengthen your skills. 

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In-Person Training

Enroll in our in-person hypnosis training course. Enjoy learning with the camaraderie of fellow students while you develop your skills in a supportive class setting. Evening and weekend classes are offered for busy professionals.

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