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Course Curriculum

At the Portland Hypnosis Institute, you'll gain a comprehensive hypnosis education, plus business building tools to successfully launch your practice as a hypnotherapist. Upon completion of our program, you'll be fully certified as a hypnotherapist and receive a 1 year membership with the North American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy. You'll also receive 6 months of supportive mentoring to further assist you in your new career as a hypnotist. Enroll Today!
Adult Students

Hypnosis Foundations & Principles 

The History of Hypnosis

Theories of Hypnosis

Ethics, Semantics and Laws

Hypnotherapy Modalities

Assessing Client Suggestibility

The Pre-Induction Interview

The Science of Hypnosis

Hypnotic Inductions

Strategies to Deepen Trance


Professional Boundaries


Hypnotic Techniques and Strategies:

Structuring Hypnotic Suggestions

Post-Hypnotic Suggestions 

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Anchoring for Lasting Results

NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming)

The Elman Method

Hypnotic Metaphors

Direct vs Indirect Approach

Future Pacing

Parts Integration

Releasing Resistance

Debriefing & Reintegration

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Practical Applications

Stress Reduction
Sleep Improvement
Effective Weight Loss

Smoking Cessation

Fitness Motivation
Strengthening Confidence 

Pain Relief
Releasing Fears & Phobias

Building a Successful Practice

Launching Your Business
The Elevator Pitch
Client Intake Forms & Waivers
State, Federal & Local Licensing
Building and Hosting a Website

Promoting your New Practice
Client Record Keeping
Effective Pricing Strategies
Advertising & Networking
Liability Insurance

Office service

Enroll Today

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